MJFuNk produces electronic music since 1999, he starts he’s first uplifting trance group called “Voltar” one of the top 3 uplifting group in Greece throuht the years he moved into tech House world as Johnnytek with numerous releases nowadays he continues with Progressive House music with many important artist supporting he’s work.

➡️Artist that support MJFuNk:
Sick Individuals, Joachim Garraud(MJFuNk & PeeTee – Microbe Tomorrowland, Belgium 2013-07-26),Paul Oakenfold,Niki Belucci ,DJ Feel, Cristian Poow, Jason Risk, Rubicon 7, Eric van Kleef, Adam Meza, Marc Able, Hood Famous, WTDJ, C-79,Amada, DJ DIABLLO aka COORBY, Flip Capella, Justin Prime, Marco Farouk, Mikro,Ronnie & Wylde, The Kosmonauts.

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