His History

One year after his first signature, hundreds of hours on his turntables, composing and producing multiple signed titles with labels, such as : Zombies, Aboriginal, India, Dream

Ravelic … an electrodidactic teenager

Firstly, I have mixed because it was a second nature to me. Sounds would instinctively come. Yet, nothing predisposed me to EDM. I had never done musical theory classes, neither touched a turntable until now. Nothing but the sounds that echoed in my head. Sometimes melodious, other times violent. I am an electrodidactic teenager !

Becoming a world class DJ would be a dream

My dream. My music, it looks like me. I am who I am… or not ; depending on the moment, people who see me, who listen to me, who know me.

His music

My Music ? It comes from my sensibility, from my emotions. It’s the DNA of my EDM ; it flows in my veins.

What turns me on ? The 2012 tomorrowland video

My Style ? Multiple. Progressive, electro, it all depends on my mood.

My music ? An alchemy between melody, acceleration and explosion.

My greatest motivation ? When people tell me they have « eargasms » when listening to my sounds.

Artist Songs


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