Styles: Trance – Future bass – House – Experimental

Summary: WRU is an electronic music artist influenced by a passion for space, psychedelia and electronic music.

Bio: I’m Jose, from Spain. Currently based in Ireland, where I’ve been working in the tech industry for 3+ years. I first became passionate about electronic music in the late 90s, with Spanish Makina and Dutch Hardcore and later obsessed with the sounds of techno and the chemical brothers.

Early career: By the age of 15, I started to DJ as a hobby, spending countless hours every day mastering the craft of mixing with 3 decks. At the age of 18 I decided to pursue a degree in telecommunications engineering. Although my degree allowed me to spend less time on music, I still managed to perform twice at the legendary club Pont Aeri in Barcelona and to perform at University festivals and numerous private parties in Madrid.

My music: It wasn’t until I turned 30 that I decided to start producing under the name WRU (that stands for ‘We aRe yoU’). After 7 months producing I signed my first record label with Senpai records. My sounds are dreamy, psychedelic and 3D. When I start a new track I want to make sure the listener is transported someplace else.

Influences: My biggest influences are The Chemical brothers, Hans Zimmer and Spanish Makina & Dutch hardcore.

My dream: I want to push the boundaries of electronic music, creating sounds that will be as inspiring in the dance floor as when listening at home.

Looking forward to catching-up with you in the big stage! Take care

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