November 5, 2017


The first release of Estinex on Senpai Records is a big room banger about to hit so strong that it will blow your mind! Estinex – Berzerk,  is featured by Beatport in the Big Room Genre genre page! Go To Post ... Read More »

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October 30, 2017


DJ Estinex, or Markus Sjöbergh, is a swedish DJ and producer from Gothenburg. At 18 years old, with an already long experience in music, a recent graduation from musical studies, and a never-ending passion for what he does, he’s now upcoming on labels ... Read More »

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October 21, 2017

Demond House

I am Producer of Electronic Music and DJ, 21 Years old, student of Systems Engineering, Lover of Electronic Music. I started as a DJ when I was 14 years old and it was because I really like Progresive House ... Read More »

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October 16, 2017


Styles: Trance – Future bass – House – Experimental Summary: WRU is an electronic music artist influenced by a passion for space, psychedelia and electronic music. Bio: I’m Jose, from Spain. Currently based in Ireland, where I’ve been working in the ... Read More »

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October 13, 2017


LebenTod is a Dj/Producer who lives in Miami, Florida.  He specializes on electro house, big room edm music style.

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October 7, 2017


Greyzia is a house / progressive house producer, that comes with huge acid vibes to the most of his tracks!

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